Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Update

Last weekend we hiked a trail around Noblett Lake. I didn't realize just how far 6 miles was when you are hiking with 4 kids through the Ozarks. It is actually quite far. The hike took about 5 hours (I had planned for 2 hours). Claire was able to comfortably take her afternoon nap during the hike - while we carried her up the cliffs and through the streams. Everyone did well (AKA - no one was eaten by a bear, went into renal failure from dehydration since I didn't pack enough water, or started bleeding profusely - since I didn't bring any first aid supplies).

Jessie has lost both of her front teeth in the last 2 weeks - and Claire has learned to ride her bike without training wheels in the last 2 days.

I love the front porch on our house. We have been eating out there fairly frequently. We have not had any bug problems (weird!). If we could keep the rogue kittens off of the table things would be perfect.

The kittens have nearly been loved to death this summer.

In honor of mixing things up a bit I will include a bug photo (rather than my normal flower photo!)

Wesley - Super fisherkid

We have fished at out lake - It isn't really fun to fish there unless you are a child since they catch a fish every 30 seconds or so - so Kendell and I spend the entire time running around freeing fish and installing worms - you are jealous aren't you!


Mistry said...

Okay - from now on - ANY bug that even resembles a grasshopper is NOT allowed on your page. I may die from a heart attack, and I don't think you're on call. :p

Love the pics! (other than that one)

cindy said...

Hey, I LOVE that beach picture!!! Great color, and the kids are sooo into it!!

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