Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

First Day of Preschool!! (Ready at 8 am for school at 12 pm!)

First Day of Allergy Season generally coincides with the first day of school for Wesley - He is so lucky!

Wesley, Jessie, Benjamin, and Lynn - ready for the bus.

Powell Gardens flower photo - you knew you were going to get at least one - I have a lot more if you are missing them!

Apple to climb in the orchard area at Powell Gardens.

Someone could have mentioned the fountain when I packed for the day - I almost sent them in naked - but I assume this is a no no in the big city - so we just took some shoes and shirts off - and then tried to line dry the rest on their bodies.

Benjamin and I at Worlds of Fun (a self portrait) on a ride that spins and make you nauseated. How fun!

These are my extremely smily kids - who said when we got out of the car "Oh no, we have to go look at flowers!" - I think they were actually having a good time (except Jessie-she didn't want to stand in the photo).

The first day of school has come and gone. The first day of school has been the only day since school started in which all of the children got themselves out of bed without assistance. Claire has had 2 days of preschool and was very excited to be in charge of snack for today. Right before school started we took a little mini vacation to Kansas City. We went to Powell Gardens and World's of Fun. The kids had a good time and Kendell and I are paying the price for our respite from work by taking call every other weekend - Oh it is good to be home. We have big plans for the upcoming weekend - I am on call and going to finish up nursing home rounds, then I may deal with my green swimming pool (I have decided that there are not enough chemicals in the world to make my pool clear again - so I am pulling the plug!), and we will find somewhere to put the dumptruck load of mulch that was delivered today while I was gone - Our life is so exciting - Of note - the teenager in our first day of school photo is Lynn - she is our foreign exchange student from Hangzhou, China - she is here until next June. We like her a lot and the kids absolutely LOVE her - Sorry Lynn - you will have no peace and quiet while you are at our house!

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