Monday, December 21, 2009

Oops* I Did It Again!!! (AKA the scissor meister)

She did it again (No, I do not listen to Brittany!) Claire has now given herself 3 haircuts. All 3 have been severely bad (Is that an adjective?). She now has a boy cut and has been identified as a boy twice and as Benjamin once since last week. She was initially very embarassed about her cut - but I am not sure that it will stop her from doing it again. Prior to the haircut she had lost her scissor privileges for cutting up something else. I asked her why she cut it. She replied "because Jessie left scissors in my room." Interesting. I have noticed a direct correlation between her haircuts and her professional haircuts. I had just gotten her haircut 4 days before "the incident" where it was finally evened out from her last cut (in March) into a cute bob - oh well - maybe she will look like a girl by next summer. PS: I have gotten several comments on how cute her new cut is - please do not tell her that - I don't want to encourage her!

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