Friday, April 9, 2010

A Brief Review of My Dominican Trip!

I put a slideshow together to present at my parent's church. The members there graciously contributed cash which paid for all the medications I purchased for patients on this mission trip. They would otherwise not have been able to afford their medicines. The diseases we treated are very similar to anything we would see in the US. We saw a lot of high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, constipation, worms, skin infections, and arthritis. The people were very grateful for whatever we can give them. The other part of our group helped dig the foundation trenches for the parsonage that is yet to be built and also worked on painting and fixing ceilings at the church. We hope that our mission there is to not only provide some much needed medicine and exams for people and some hard physical labor, but also to encourage the locals to attend the church which helps us throughout our stay. Thereby learning about Jesus (and we all know why that is important for eternity). The church has true devotion to God, an unbelievable dependence upon prayer for their needs, and very active church members whom we are growing to know and love. We hope that we can continue bonds with this congregation for a very long time.

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