Saturday, June 19, 2010

Colorado 2010 - Kansas Is So Fun

We left at 8:30 this morning and enjoyed a bit of a gale between Abilene and Russell. Luckily spending 20 minutes putting all of our luggage in the back of the truck in garbage bags warded off any rain for the day. We stopped at a rest area for lunch and couldn't put anything down on the table - or it would blow away. Guess we won't be moving to western Kansas anytime soon. I like rest areas. Any place I can stop and use a bathroom - that is usually clean - and avoid the large displays of candy goodness that make the kids cry and whine get a gold star. Kansas rest areas only get 3/5 stars. (Not enough toilet paper, to much wind, need more trees) We stopped at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hayes, KS. This stop was well worth the $36 for our family of six to get in. The dinosaur exhibits were life size and lifelike, Claire was really, really nervous about them. She kept asking me if they were real. They had a super croc exhibit - Kendell decided to get a super croc and put it in our bedroom. Then he is going to sleep inside of it so the kids can't find him. Anyway, I can't imagine what the kids would say if they saw this croc - It was huge - walking out of the swamp to come eat them. We leave in the morning from Goodland, KS. Hopefully we will be in Estes Park a little after noon.

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