Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Week in Review

We just returned from a 5 day cruise on the Carnival Triumph. The most triumphant thing about it was that we missed a week of truly terrible weather at home. We had a great time. The kids had fun also. Wesley was seen with an ice cream in his hand for almost 5 days straight. Jessie enjoyed being a small adult by ordering of the adult menu in the dining room (tried to do this after we came home - had to explain that this was only allowed on the cruise since it was all expenses paid already!). Benjamin loved video game time at Camp Carnival and was alway eager to go. Claire has developed an unhealthy obsession with Fun Ship Freddie. We had 2 cabins - which was great - they were adjoining and the kids were in one room and we occasionally had the other room to ourselves. Everyone liked watching movies up on the deck at night and they had a great selection of fairly new movies. We worked on manners a lot before the trip and surpringly I got the first compliment on how well behaved my kids were ever! I don't expect that to happen again - so if you see us - don't expect to much. I have learned that the way to avoid weight gain on a cruise is to have a cabin on deck 1 and then take the stairs 90% of the time - We spent plenty of time relaxing and reading. We especially liked the port days. In Progesso, Mexico we took a tour of Chichen Itza. This was recently voted one of the new wonders of the world and is truly an amazingly well preserved Mayan ruin. The only problems was the constant barrage of locals trying to sell trinkets for $1.00. I have reached the point in life in which I no longer require trinkets - so that I could have done without. The second port day was at Cozumel - we went to a day resort called Paradise Beach. It was very nice and reasonably priced. They had all sorts of inflatable play equipment in the ocean and a great pool - we also ate and drank the soda (with ice). The beach wasn't clear and had quite a bit of seaweed - I don't know if that is normal - but otherwise was really pretty. We also spent 2 nights in Gulg Shores, AL. We stayed at a Best Western on the beach - It was a perfect location (and for the price it better be). The room was nothing special and the smell took a little while to get used to. I am not complaining though - we had a lot of fun there!
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