Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ready To Go!


I have spent all day finishing up the packing and cleaning the house and doing a whole bunch of laundry so I don’t have to come back to dirty clothes at the house. (I am pretty sure that was a really long run on sentence.)  I have kept my mind occupied this weekend by working, it has worked well and between that and things at home, I haven’t worried much at all.  We have packed sort of light.  All the kids have a carry on and a backpack,  Kendell and I have a backpack each and one carry on and one larger bag.  I had to pack a bunch of presents for our trip and I also have all of Will’s things and backpack in my bag.  I think we have done fairly well.  I have packed 4 outfits for each person, one pair of shorts that can double as PJ’s, actual PJ’s, a swimsuit, winter clothes, hat/gloves.  The kids all have to take their homework, books to read, numerous electronics, and candy.  You know, just the important things.  I am so excited to be able to share this trip with our whole family.  One week from today at exactly this time we will be meeting Will (if you consider we will be on Chinese time).  What a lucky mom I am!


Mel said...

Just happened to think about your blog last nite and checked it out. Was amazed to see you guys are heading to China the same day that we went 3 years ago to pick up our 6 year old daughter from Beijing. A flood of memories have come back.

You are probably wondering who this person is but I'm the mom from SD that you gave a lot of advice to before we went to China.

God's Blessing and protection as you start another amazing adventure!

melanie schumacher, SD

Allison said...


Blessings on your trip! The Clarkston's rock.


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