Friday, October 28, 2011

Thoughts Of China

nEO_IMG_Chang Rong  Dong-Aug-008

Today I was talking with someone about how much things were going to change for our family soon.  I don’t really think things will be much different.  Most people probably think we have too many kids already (by most people I am generally referring to our family).  I can’t see that going from 4 to 5 kids will be that big of a deal.  I am nervous about starting with another preschooler after having all the kids in all day school for the last couple of years and I am nervous about having a child who will need surgery.  Other than that we will just keep being a family – going to work and church, bedtime stories, eating together, playing Uno, playing with the puppy, watching I Carly – you know, the usual.  In 10 days, Will is going to lose everything he has ever known.  This never really hit me that hard with Claire and Benjamin.  I realized they had big changes, but leaving an orphanage seemed like a good deal, at least to me.  Into a family, with a mom and dad, your own room (sort of), love, hugs, and all the food you could ever want.  Will is different.  He has been in a foster family.  I don’t know for sure, but I think he has been in the same family for a long time, he probably has been loved, well fed, held, hugged, and talked to.  He will be leaving a relatively good situation to come into our family.  I can’t imagine how scary this is going to be for him.  I pray that they have read our letters to him and showed him our pictures and prepared him for this big move.  In a couple weeks he will lose everything he knows – his language, his family, his food, his home, his school.  There is no future for him in China – his special need will make him undesirable, he will never go to a good school, he would have little hope for a permanent family.  He is only 4 though and my daily prayers this week are that God will make this transition as easy as possible for him. 

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