Saturday, October 15, 2011

We Are Going To China!

We received our Travel Approval on October 3rd, but because of holidays in China had to wait over a week for our consulate appointment date.  This is the date Will receives his visa so he can travel to the US on a Chinese passport.  Once he arrives in the US he becomes a US citizen and can no longer use his Chinese passport.  Here is our itinerary as it stands now:
Nov. 1 - Leave for China, Fly from hone to Chicago, connect to Shanghai on Korean Air flight #5893
Nov. 2 - Arrive in Shanghai at 7:30 pm, stay one night at the New Harbor Service Apartments
Nov. 3 – Tour Shanghai in the am, take the high speed train from Shanghai to Hangzhou in the afternoon, meet Lynn’s family
Nov. 4 – Tour Hangzhou with Lynn’s family (they don’t speak English and we don’t speak Mandarin – we are excited!)
Nov. 5 – Fly from Hangzhou to Changchun in the afternoon, stay the at Shangri-La Hotel
Nov. 7 – Adoption Day!  Child Handoff at 9 a.m. at the Civil Affairs office – It appears we complete the adoption that morning
Nov. 11 – Receive Will’s Chinese passport and fly to Guangzhou at 5 pm
Nov. 12 – Will’s medical exam, TB test, and visa paperwork
Nov. 14 – TB test read
Nov. 16 – Visa Appointment/Oath Taking Ceremony at the US Consulate
Nov. 17 – Receive Will’s visa, take train to Hong Kong at 6:15 pm, stay overnight at the Regal Airport Hotel
Nov. 18 – Fly Home via Korean Air, Arrive home at 10:10 pm the same day (thank you International Date Line!)

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