Monday, November 14, 2011

The Finding Place

On Thursday we went to Will’s finding place.  We also saw the finding places of the other 3 children in our group.  We were able to find the exact place he was found.  The neighborhood looked very poor.  I guess I won’t tell you the exact place he was found.  If he would like to share that when he gets older he will let you know.  I took a lot of photos of the finding place, since development in the area will probably mean that fairly soon this entire neighborhood will be demolished to make way for more high-rises.  When we were returning to our bus the driver found some locals who had heard about the baby who was found here.  We felt very lucky to get so much information on the place of Will’s finding.  At another child’s finding place we met the people who actually found the baby and reported it to the police.  You almost feel as if you could spend more time there you could get even more of your child’s story.  A part of your child’s life that they will otherwise never know.  I have to say that this day was the most amazing I have experienced with all three adoptions.  Actually seeing where my child spent time and the exact place they were found was invaluable to preserving their history.

Changchun Orphanage Visit 2011 094Changchun Orphanage Visit 2011 101

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Jerusha said...

So neat to have that puzzle piece. :)

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