Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Day in Changchun

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We arrived in Changchun, the city where Will lives, yesterday afternoon.  We didn’t get to the hotel until after dark (it is dark before 5 pm here) so as usual, everyone except me went to be way to early.  We woke up this morning and had a most amazing breakfast at the hotel.  It is a huge buffet with every Chinese and Western dish you can imagine.  So at least for now our 5 star hotel was worth the price (sort of).   We then did all our laundry in the sink and bathtub – that was really fun.  I think their may be something oxymoronic about having wet laundry hanging all over a $200+ a night hotel room (we didn’t choose the hotel and would normally never spend that much – but this is the hotel our agency chooses – I am assuming it is one of probably only 2 in this city that speaks enough English for families to feel comfortable).   We wandered around the nearby streets of this small city in northern China with only 7 million other people.  Kendell played ping pong with a Chinese man who didn’t speak English for awhile.  I thought the guy was pretty good, but Kendell was pretty sure he could beat him.  The kids went swimming in the pool and had a great time.  I had apparently eaten too much Thai food the day prior and sat out the swimming extravaganza.   We had missed a call from another family while we were out and we went to their room to meet them and their 3 daughters (ages 7 and 9).  We were talking for awhile and I just knew that their 9 year old daughter was familiar.  We found out that in 2005 we had travelled with them to China when we adopted Claire (and they got their 7 year old).  We had gone out to dinner with them back then – kind of ironic meeting them again here.  We then went out to Pizza Hut with their family and then once again back to the hotel to go to bed just after 7 pm.  The jet lag is just wiping the kids out.  I, however, am up blogging at 2 am since I can’t sleep and Wesley won’t let me turn on a light.  We meet will in about 7 hours – I am excited and nervous.

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