Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh, the excitement of a large city in China

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Travel Tip:  When planning extended trip to China do not plan to spend more than a day in Changchun.   Yesterday I went to the concierge at our hotel to ask what we could do.  You know tourist type of stuff.  He seemed a bit taken aback.  As if no tourist has ever actually come to this city.  I think he was right.  He looked at my kids (Claire and Will, ages 6 &4) were with me and said it was to cold to go to any of the many nice parks that are very green in the summer.  We could go visit the Puppet Palace (but we were going to do that the next day) or he suggested a nice mall that was a little ways away.  I can think of nothing more painful than to take 5 children to the mall.  So, in the end we didn’t do anything in the afternoon.  The kids swam in the pool and I went with our Holt guide to double check our adoption paperwork.  We went to Wal-Mart, because somehow spending time here is much more comforting in a foreign country than at home (do people really drink black fungus juice and eat prawn candy?).  In the evening we went with another family to a nearby restaurant for a real local (northern China) type of meal.  We had a great time and for 275 Yuan (about $45) had a fantastic meal with more than we could ever eat for our group of 13 people.  Now that’s what I call living!  (I actually don’t have any great pictures of doing paperwork and I forgot to take my camera to supper, so just a couple of new pictures of Will)

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Jerusha said...

Hey Laurie! Was just thinking about you the other day, assuming you must be in China by now. Congrats, and may God continue to pour our his blessing, grace, and peace over the rest of your trip and your new son.

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