Monday, November 7, 2011

Will Joins The Family

Today Will became part of our family.  He is hanging out in the hotel room now, just like he has always been here.  We left first thing this morning for the Civil Affairs Office.

Gotcha Day China 2011 003

  We were about 10 minutes late since our guide had to pick up the orphanage donation at the bank.  The children were all there waiting for us.  There were 4 families adopting today.  All the children were less than thrilled with their new situation.  Will gave us some snacks when we came in and then went back to stand with his nanny.

  Gotcha Day China 2011 004

He did not want to come and be with us and kept moving as far away as possible.  When his nanny left the room he cried and cried.  

Gotcha Day China 2011 013

He walked around the room to go and sit by the orphanage official (and as far away from us as possible).  Benjamin showed him the Nintendo and they instantly had a technology bond.  All the kids played Nintendo together until we finished all the adoptions about an hour later. 

Gotcha Day China 2011 035

We then went to have our adoption photo taken and documents notarized elsewhere.

Gotcha Day China 2011 060

By the time we returned to the hotel he was doing really well.  He has now gone out for noodles with us and is having lots of fun playing with his toys.  So far, so good.  What a blessed family we are!

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