Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Will!



This week was Will’s first birthday. Well, actually he turned 5, but I am pretty sure it is the first time he actually celebrated a birthday.  He was so happy.  He has very quickly learned how to sing Happy Birthday and enjoyed the fun immensely.  It’s funny the night I took this photo was actually the day before his birthday.  We had to try and fit cake in between tumbling, basketball, and boy scouts this week.  He had cake on this particular day, but I didn’t give him his gifts until the next day.  He didn’t care, he was just thrilled with his homemade strawberry cake, decorated by his sister.  He was so excited to take cupcakes to his preschool class to celebrate and some fruit snacks to daycare.  He just soaked it all up and it was so nice to see.  I love this time with him where everything is new and he has such joy even though it wasn’t fancy and the celebration was squeezed into a few minutes between other activities.  He talked a lot about the day although I have no idea what he said, between the language barrier and the speech issues related to his cleft palate – it didn’t really matter – I know what he meant.  These are the things that make me such an advocate of older child adoption.  My son is truly happy for his Happy Birthday.

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